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  • MG TD in for Servicing, MG TC in for restortation
    MG TC & TD MG TD in for Servicing, MG TC in for restortation

Repairing your Vintage/Classic Vehicle

At Classic & Retro we can carry out any repairs your classic requires and, also a wide variety of upgrades that you may choose to consider – for example, brake and suspension upgrades or converting your classic to Evans waterless coolants.

Your classic may need repairs to be carried out following an MoT test failure or it may simply have deteriorated whilst in storage or during a period of inactivity.  

We can transport the car to our workshop, investigate what is needed and recommend a solution. Wherever possible, we try to offer a number of different options and prices, for example, to repair the original item or replace it with a new after-market version or try and source an original part.

More major work can also be carried out. We frequently rebuild engines and service ancillary equipment, remove and repair gearboxes and overdrives and suspension components and the various drivetrain items such as drive shafts and the rear differential. 

Whether you want the removal of an annoying dent or a more serious repair such as sill replacement, the bodyshop has the skill and expertise to carry these tasks out. For more details of our body and paintwork expertise, please see our metal work and spraying pages 

We carry out accident damage repairs and  cater for insurance repairs after an accident. 

MGB SU Carburretor Refurb

SU Carburretors vapour blasted and ready to be reassembled.

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