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Channel 4 TV Series "For the Love of Cars"

Channel 4 reved their engines and took a trip down memory lane when they launched a brand new TV series "For the Love of Cars". the first episode a MK1 Ford Escort Mexico being restored to it's former glory under the nostalgic eye of Philip Glenister and car designer Ant Anstead.

Philip and Ant set about uncovering the history and restoring the memories of so of the most iconic cars of years gone by. At the end of the series all of the cars which were restored during the series were taken to the prestigious auctioneers, Coys, where they hoped to achieve reward for the hours of hard labour and love that have been poured into each restoration.

Any eagle eyed viewers of episode one may have noticed our founder/Managing Director, Chris Martin, popping his head up in a few shots! His appearance on the show was the result of the work which Classic & Retro carried out on the restoration of one of the most iconic cars in the 1970's, the MK1 Ford Escort Mexico. Click here for further information on Series one, Episode 1

Following on from the success of the first series Channel 4 ran a second series of "for the Love of Cars" . Chris was again asked to be involved in restoring the MK1 Ford Transit van.