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Monaco Grand Prix 1955, 1956 Photos 

One of Classic & Retro's customers found some orignal slides and a write up for each slide on a market stall in London. He had the slides and the article copies and kindly gave them to us as a gift after we completed some work on his Alfa Spider. 

We will display the 8 photographs and write up in our office, customers and visitors to see. 

Here is the information that came with the slides.


Set 1. 


(Nos. 1-7, 1956 ; No. 8 1955)

1. Stirling Moss (250F1 Maserati)

This transparency, which appeared as the cover picture for the November issue, shows the 1956 winner at Monte Carlo driving round the long left-hand curve on the harbour front. Int the back ground just to the right of the lamppost is the exit to the tunnel, and the domed roof of the Casino. The circuit passes the Casino to the railway station behind the hill.

2. Stirling Moss (250F1 Maserati)

Taken from a different angle this shot demonstrates Stirling's relaxed driving position. His time for this race was 3 hr. 32.9 sec. which is an average speed of 104.514 k.p.h.

3. Juan Manuel Fangio (Lancia Ferrari)

Here World Champion Fangio is seen driving his battered car round the gasworks hairpin with Peter Collins close behind. Fangio  tried so hard to catch the flying Moss that he had several awkward moments, one of which was on the first lap when he spun at Ste Devote corner which resulted in Schell (Vanwall) and Musso (Lancia Ferrari) going out of the race. Fangio finished second, driving Collin's car.

4. Peter Collins (Lancia Ferrari)

Photographed at the start of his very successful season. In the background is the harbour wall over which the late Alberto Ascar plunged in 1955. Above the wall is the hill which the car climb towards the Casino. Fangio drove Collin's car into second place.

5. Jean Behra (250F1 Maserati)

Maserati's No. 2 driver who finished third. The background is the same as in No.1.

6. Eugenie Castellotti (Lancia Ferrari)

Here is he seen driving Fangio's battered car after thr clutch on his own car had failed. He finished Fourth.

7. Andre Pilette (eight-cylinder Gordini)

The eight-cylinder Gordini at the gasworks hairpin. Runninfg on pump fuel these cars were not very fast and finished fifth and sixth.

8. Juan Manuel Fangio (W196 Mercedes Benz)

Using one of the short-chassis carrs Fangio rounds the downhill railway hairpin followed by Mieres (Maserati) in the 1955 Monaco Grand Prix.

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